A Lifetime Fantasy Cruising – Now in Tanzania

A Lifetime Fantasy Cruising – Now in Tanzania


Close views of the azure ocean from the comfort of your plush bed, dolphins and sharks passing by; soft music and souls dancing on a moving deck in open air; set-off for an in-house jet ski or dive to snorkel in around the bliss of sea creatures; fresh meals and champagne served in your warm cabins and sailing with leisure at your own pace. You are in the first finest and world-class yacht- a unique Luxury Experience in Tanzania.



“There has been no 5 Star yacht like the ‘Sea Leopard’ in East Africa”, remarks Mr. Peter Assanful, the Managing Director of Tanzania Ocean Cruise and Safari. Until you board this sophisticated sail, you would realize all impressions are indeed a reality; The 26-meter long yacht is a stunning stand-alone beauty with polished interiors and finest setting; including the relaxing lounge with sink-in sofas, dining area, a kitchenette and four lavish cabins that make you linger for more. “People are just mind blown with the images of our interiors, so we are inviting potential travelers to explore our legal cruise,“ adds Mr. Assanful.


A taste of this cruising experience has already received remarks of event organizers like Amount who said, “I was blown away by the beauty and magnificence of Sea Leopard. This yacht truly defines luxury and for this market it is really a breath of fresh air. “You could do a wedding proposal, arrange a party at dusk to dawn, a brilliant photo shoot or a corporate event to woo your guests. The cruise can accommodate up o 50 guests at a time in the main lounge and open-air deck.


The main charm of the Sea Leopard, however, remains the luxury sailing experience around the tropical islands of Tanzania including Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba, Mnemba Atoll and Tumbato. “We can go up to Kenya with eight guests offering them an all-inclusive luxury experience; stay in our 5-star cabins, use our jet ski and snorkeling equipment and get your own food menu prepared by the in-house chef,” Peter exclaims. In the Yacht industry, a full service private cruise is rare to spot and Slow Leopard re-defines this fine experience at a notch above the rest. Choose between a daily rental, weekly or weekend rental and enjoy a private yacht luxury in Tanzania.


With Tanzania becoming a popular holiday destination, the company also offers safari packages that can be conveniently combined with ocean cruising. Claimed as the top safari destination in Africa and brilliant accolades bestowed upon individual destinations from the Best Safari Park to the most blissful islands, Tanzania Ocean Cruise and Safari is here to take you on a journey that makes for once in a promising lifetime experience in the soul of Africa.







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  • Lounge Available
  • Bar Available
  • Free Wi-Fi Connection
  • Alcohol Served